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    Cullowhee River Corridor
    As its point of focus, CuRvE has targeted a 3.5 mile stretch of the Tuckasegee River, where it runs through the heart of historic Cullowhee.

     CuRvE Waysides
    CuRvE is researching the cultural and natural history of Cullowhee and the Tuckasegee River. CuRvE is sharing what it has learned with the public through the creation and installation of waysides. Read More…

  • Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor Painters Park from creekside illustration

    Community Garden

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  • Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor Tuckasegee River Cleanup Booth


    CuRvE’s vision for Cullowhee’s future:

    Expanded sustainable commercial development including dining, shopping, and entertainment;
    Paths connecting downtown Cullowhee to the future Jackson County Greenway;
    Sidewalks that connect downtown Cullowhee to Western Carolina University;
    A river park with fishing spots, wading pools, picnic tables, trails, and whitewater recreation. Read More…

  • Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor Show of Hands in Classroom

    About Us

    Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor, Inc. (CuRvE) was formed when local residents
    began coming together to pick up trash along Old Cullowhee Road. Through
    these and other community efforts, friends and neighbors formed Cullowhee
    Revitalization Endeavor to facilitate the beautification and revitalization of
    Cullowhee’s historic center. Read More…